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Hey folks,

Catching up on minutes...


  Ralph, Nyco, Matthew, Guus

Martin sent apologies.

## Discussion of financials

Guus laid out some questions in an email, Board

> 1) What are our sources of funds, other than sponsors?

General consensus is that we don't currently have any.

Ralph notes that t-shirts and hoodies sold at FOSDEM cover costs, but
are not a source of funding.

> 2) Who are our sponsors?
> 3) Are we properly treating our sponsors? If not, how do we improve?
> 4) How do we safe-guard the proces of collecting funds?

There is no known official or up to date list. Ralph notes that he
believes we have two active sponsors: Erlang Solutions and USSHC (the
latter only in hardware). However this would need to be confirmed with

Ralph explains that sponsorship is on a calendar year basis and does
not automatically renew.

The sponsorship of many of the sponsors listed on the website is
believed to have expired, with nobody actively working to renew them.
Guus also notes that some of the sponsors no longer appear to exist as

Guus proposes that we actively ask for renewal each year. Matthew
suggests that we make this a task for incoming Boards. Guus would
prefer it to be the responsibility of the Treasurer (or an Executive

Guus agrees to talk with Peter to clarify current situation and get
sponsorships renewed.

Matthew and Nyco highlight that the process and current sponsors
should be documented, so that the role of acquiring/renewing
sponsorships can easily be filled in future years. Guus agrees. Ralph
points out that the page on our website regarding process is fairly up
to date: https://xmpp.org/community/sponsorship.html

## GDPR discussion

Based on an enquiry from Jonas, summary:

> I propose a board agendum: Can the XSF sponsor or maybe coorporate with the IETF or working/interest groups within the IETF to sponsor a lawyer to work out the implications of the EU-GDPR 1 on typical use-cases within the (federated) XMPP IM network?

Ralph notes that he is unaware of what IETF efforts exist around GDPR,
if any. Also that given our discussion of financials, we don't have
the funds to sponsor a lawyer.

Guus thinks it would be helpful for the XSF to offer advice, but
highlight that it is only advice, and indemnify ourselves.

>From the floor, Georg, Jonas and Winfried join the discussion. Guus
proposes that they get together to discuss the issue in detail and see
what information they can gather, and report back to the Board if they
need support.

## AOB

Guus says he received feedback from Peter on the "bus factor" issue
regarding the bank account. Discussion pushed to next week.

Matthew notes that he has drafted something up for the membership
survey and can send it out for discussion at the next meeting.

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