[Members] XMPP Hackathon at GPN18 (Karlruhe, Germany May 10th - 13th)

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Fri Apr 20 19:46:41 UTC 2018


I few of us are planning an XMPP Hackathon at GPN18 (Gulaschprogramiernacht).

That’s a conference a bit like the Chaos Communication Congress but
with more focus on Coding instead of talks (There will be talks though
as well.)

Entry is free of charge. Donations are appreciated though and you
should register ahead of time.

They provide us with infrastructure (tables, internet, the name giving
Gulasch) so we would basically just have to show up.

Personally I'll be arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving Sunday
afternoon and will try to work on an OMEMO plugin for poezio. Since I
have very little Python knowledge I would love to have a collaborator
on that. But I’m open to assisting with / working on other projects as
well. (Hopefully the plugin won't take up the entire time anyway.)

Disclaimer: I've never actually been to that conference before so take
my information on that with a grain of salt and check out there
website: https://entropia.de/GPN18


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