[Members] XSF Board meeting minutes 2018-03-01

Guus der Kinderen guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 15:27:04 UTC 2018

In attendence were Ralph, Matthew and Guus, Martin joining towards the end
of the meeting. Nyco was MIA.

The chat log for this meeting is available at

* Board priorities

Concerns were raised that board is not making progress on this subject. The
dedicated meeting that was planned for does not take off, while other
efforts have been paused. In order to get things moving, Matthew
volunteered to draft a membership survey.

* Additions to Work Teams

Two new members for the Communications Work Team have been considered. A
motion to add Winfried carries. A motion to add Ludovic did not carry.


Ralph mentioned that a previous board has voted down establishing a SPAM
SIG, and intends to stick with that decision until a better proposal is
made. Matthew and Guus noted that they're not against facilitating the
effort. A request was made for a SIG-defining XEP for future consideration.

* AOBs

Guus offered to request a status update on the effort to secure access to
XSF banking accounts, in case our current Treasurer becomes unecpectedly
unavailable (aka "the bus thingy").

Guus asked about the search for an Executive Director replacement. Ralph
prefers to make that part of the board priority discussion.

>From the floor, Goffi asked if putting a license to the new newsletter
content required a board vote. Ralph believed it did. As part of the
discussion, the absence of a license on the website content was noted.
Jonas found that in earlier versions of the website, the CC BY 2.5 was
used. Guus offered that it'd be reasonable to assume that the license was
not intentionally dropped from the website, as no replacement was put in,
and suggested to restore the CC BY 2.5 license on the website. Matthew and
Ralph agreed.

* Date of next meeting

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