[Members] voting update and meeting reminder

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 14:12:22 UTC 2018

According to my records the following 25 XSF members have voted via 
proxy in the current voting period:

* andrzej dot wojcik (at) tigase dot org
* bmalkow (at) malkowscy dot net
* edhelas (at) movim dot eu
* flo (at) geekplace dot eu
* gnauck (at) jabber dot org
* guus dot der dot kinderen (at) igniterealtime dot org
* intosi (at) ik dot nu
* jabberjocke (at) jabber dot se
* jonas (at) wielicki dot name
* kevin (at) doomsong dot co dot uk
* kobit (at) tigase dot org
* lance (at) lance dot im
* mathieui (at) mathieui dot net
* me (at) matthewwild dot co dot uk
* mremond (at) process-one dot net
* nyco (at) movim dot eu
* pep (at) bouah dot net
* peter dot waher (at) jabber dot org
* peter (at) jabber dot org
* sam (at) samwhited dot com
* siegle (at) jabber dot org
* soul (at) blastersklan dot com
* travis (at) burtrum dot org
* wojtek (at) tigase dot org
* zash (at) zash dot se

If you have not yet voted, please send a message to 
xmpp:memberbot at xmpp.org.
If you have problems with memberbot please contact me directly by email 
or xmpp.

Our quarterly member meeting to approve the voting results is tomorrow 

The meeting particulars are:
Where: xsf at muc.xmpp.org
Time: Tuesday, 2018-09-11 19:00 UTC

I will keep memberbot online until member meeting starts.


email: gnauck at gmail.com
xmpp: gnauck at jabber.org (subscription required)

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