[Members] Proposal: Re-Design of the XEP HTML Pages

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Thu Apr 4 20:07:27 UTC 2019

On Donnerstag, 4. April 2019 21:34:39 CEST Mickaël Rémond wrote:
> Hello Jonas,
> Overall, it is indeed much better. 

Thank you :)

> >  - On wide screens, the Table of Contents moves to the left margin and
> >  
> >    stays always visible no matter where you scroll.
> I tried on an iPad an the left menu needs a bit more margin at the bottom.
> The end of the last title ends up on the next line and is not readable. It
> would need to be able to scroll up a bit more. That navigation bar is
> otherwise very cool :)

Okay. Can you provide a screenshot? I can’t quite follow your description. 
(You can also reach me in the usual MUCs (e.g. xsf at muc.xmpp.org) as jonas’, if 
we don’t want to spam the list with screenshots etc.)

> >  - On small screens, headings get different font sizes (and an indent
> >  
> >    when they're line-broken) and the indents of structural elements is
> >    reduced particularly on narrow screens to make it more readable.
> On my mobile, I have a small horizontal scrollbar. Not sure what part of the
> page is causing it. 

I observed that too. I think it is the "Acknowledgements" header which causes 
this (due to the hidden thing which allows you to copy a link to it). I have 
that fixed locally, thanks for reporting.

> Otherwise, a bit more left and right margin maybe feel
> a bit better, but I guess it depends on your phone screen size (I have a
> very big screen).

The margins can certainly be tweaked. I’ll play around a little, thanks.

kind regards,
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