[Members] XSF Board of Directors weekly meeting 2019-12-19

Nicolas Vérité nicolas.verite at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 15:24:11 UTC 2019

XSF Board of Directors weekly meeting 2019-12-19

Ralphm bangs gavel at 15:30:05

1. Welcome

Present: Ralphm, pep, Guus, Seve, MattJ

2. Board Mailing List

board at xmpp.org mailing list is for non-public discussions and silly things
(such as meeting attendance)

Ralphm motions we will keep a public list of Board decisions, on our wiki,
using identifiers that help finding context (much) later.

Motion passes: +1 Ralphm, pep., MattJ, Seve, +0 Guus
ACTION: pep. to come up with a first example on the wiki.

Ralphm motions that we re-affirm Board uses public communications channels
(such as members at xmpp.org, xsf at muc.xmpp.org) as much as possible, and
board at xmpp.org is strictly for matters that are (initially) confidential.

Motion passes: +1 pep., Ralphm, Guus, MattJ, Seve

Ralphm leaves

Board asks iteam to investigate, with lower priority than its outstanding
tasks, for technical possibilities to have a non-public archive of the
board mailing list

3. savedotorg.org

Guus motions that the XSF chooses to not make a public statement about
savedotorg.org at this time, without ruling out that future developments
might reverse this decision.

Motion passes: +1 MattJ, Seve, Guus, +0 pep.

4. AOB

GSOC has been announced. If we want in, we should act before mid January.
Let's think about that.

People interested in joining the Summit or FOSDEM should subscribe to the
summit mailing list.

5. Date of next


Guus bangs gavel (at 16:08:03), carefully places it back on Ralphs bench.

Logs: https://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2019-12-19#2019-12-19-b7a657f74b93f0f6
Note: these minutes have been a collective effort, thanks to all

Nicolas Vérité (Nÿco)
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