[Members] 2019-07-18 Board meeting minutes

Nicolas Vérité nicolas.verite at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 15:23:51 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Here are the 2019-07-18 Board meeting minutes.
Please review and comment.

ralphm bangs gavel at 15:32

0. Welcome

ralphm, Seve, Mattj, nyco say hi
Guus says he's on a very unreliable network

1. Minute taker

nyco volunteers

2. Badges poll

Review of latest iteration: ralphm and Seve ok
dwd is disappointed it's "badges" and not "badgers"
Poll to be sent to members@ right after these minutes

3. Messenger Regulation

Ge0rG to write an email to members@
the contact person was interested in e2ee, promised to come back in the
timeframe of two months
the executive summary of what XMPP is has been sent
XSF has been listed as one of the stakeholders in the process
our task of determining what we want or what we expect is still open

5. Date of Next


6. Close


ralphm bangs gavel at 16:07

Logs available at:

PS: yes, you've spotted it correctly, somehow the 4. is lacking :)
Nicolas Vérité (Nÿco)
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