[Members] 2019-05-23 Board minutes

Nicolas Vérité nicolas.verite at gmail.com
Thu May 23 14:11:44 UTC 2019

2019-05-23 Board minutes

15:32 ralphm bangs gavel

0. Welcome + Agenda

Full house, every director present.

1. Messenger Regulation Germany/EU

Alex and Ge0rG to help Ralph to make contact with German government.

2. XMPP Testimonials

Guus drafted a text, that Nyco OK'd, Guus to send it out right after the
(Guus lied, he actually sent it members@ before the end of the meeting at

3. Tigase as Sponsor

Tigase is Gold sponsor.
Nÿco to add it to next newsletter and Twitter.

5. AOB

Nÿco propose Nayego to sponsor the XSF with non-monetary contributions.

6. Date of Next


7. Close

16:07 ralphm bangs gavel

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