[Members] SCAM meeting minutes - 2019/11/05

Maxime Buquet pep at bouah.net
Tue Nov 5 18:07:45 UTC 2019

On 2019/11/05, Maxime Buquet wrote:
> ### Capitole du Libre preparations
> Preparations for Capitole du Libre in Toulouse, Nov 16-17th, in 10 days.
> Link Mauve would like to get more material for the conference.  We
> already have plenty of stickers (XMPP, and project-specific ones), but
> we are short of flyers.


> Not many answers.
> Pep adds an action for SCAM to find a design/markety person that can
> help with this. That won't be in time for Toulouse.

This is a recurring problem that we have. Most of us have developers and
we are clueless about design, marketing and whatnots.

Chat in the room afterwards lead us to look for quotes from
professionals and get them acknowledged by board.

Maxime “pep” Buquet
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