[Members] XSF Board, weekly meeting minutes 2019-11-28

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Thu Nov 28 15:18:50 UTC 2019

XSF Board, weekly meeting minutes 2019-11-28

ralphm bangs gavel at 15:31

0. Welcome + Agenda

Ralphm, Guus, MattJ, Seve


1. Minute taker


2. Election Results

Secretary announced the results of the new Board and Council
thanks to nyco, the outgoing Director.
welcome pep. as new Director!

jonas’ is the new Chair of Council
will liaison with us, and should have been included in the Board mailing

3. Appointment of Officers

According to our bylaws, the corporation has 4 named Officers:
Chair, Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer

Each officer shall hold office for a period of one year or until his or her
successor is elected and qualified or until his or her earlier resignation
or removal.

So we should (re)appoint our Officers.

Alex volunteers again as Secretary
Alex elected as secretary by ralphm, Guus, MattJ, Seve

Executive Director is still vacant

Ralph to ask Peter if he'd like to serve as the XSF Treasurer for another

Ralphm volunteers again as Chair
wait for next week as no one knows if pep. volunteers

4. ISOC's sale of PIR to Ethos

.org registry
The XSF has been a long time holder of .org domains, including jabber.org
and xmpp.org.

Pending discussion, no action to be taking right now.

5. AOB


6. Date of Next


Ralphm will send a message to Board, and ask pep. if he has concerns with
this timeslot

7. Close.

Thanks all!

Ralphm bangs gavel at 16:02

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