[Members] XSF Board meeting minutes 2019-10-24

Maxime Buquet pep at bouah.net
Thu Oct 24 14:48:43 UTC 2019

# XSF Board meeting minutes 2019-10-24

## Roll Call

Seve, Nyco, Guus, MattJ.
Seve and MattJ on mobile. Nyco in a customer meeting.

## Agenda

- Financials

## Minute taker

Last week board tried to do it somewhat live. This week with most people
on mobile it doesn't seem realistic. Nyco will propose a process plus
tools for this.

## Publicize XSF Financials

Guus has sent a mail to board@ before the meeting.
Nyco hasn't have time to read it yet.

Board members are in agreement whether to publicize financials, and the
issue at hand is just the matter of whether board would ask Peter to go
through his paper archives for historical stuff.

Guus motions that board asks XSF Treasurer to prepare for publication of
a summary of XSF financials, to be published on the XMPP.org website,
for the current fiscal year, as well as future years.

Guus: +1
MattJ: +1
Seve: +1
Nyco: Will do after reading the email.
Ralphm: absent

stepter says it's not an issue, but it might take a few weeks to compile
everything again. stepter also says it is possible to publish past years
as he still has the information locked in a safe^W^W^W10 feet below
ground in his garden.

It is agreed to prioritize publishing current years.

## Commitment for weeks ahead: Review of Roadmap page


Board waits for Ralph as he's the owner on the Trello task.

## Call for action: find candidates for the upcoming elections

Last week board mentioned they wanted to attract more candidates,
especially for council.


Current state: 4 candidates for Board, 2 for Council.

Guus proposes to draft an invitation to be posted on XSF blog and/or
Twitter. MattJ says it would also be good to have such an article to
list responsibilities.

## Time of next


The DST glob makes an appearance this weekend, but all board members are
on the same side of the sea.

Maxime “pep” Buquet
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