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Tue Dec 1 12:14:32 UTC 2020

Hi Dave,

good (and sad) to hear of this!

If you are okay, we can mention this in the newsletter to spread the word that we are looking for interested people and potential organizers?


1 dic. 2020 12:47:26 PM Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net>:

> Hey everyone,
> Some of you may remember that we had a few quite successful XMPP-UK meet-ups in London. These operate(d) over the "MeetUp" system.
> Some years back, I ended up with administrative rights over the group on MeetUp - really in order to keep it going at all.
> A couple of years ago, the "MeetUp" started to cost money for groups over a certain size - it's about USD 30 a month. I've ended up paying this, but that's annoying because I'm also based quite far from London, and (especially now) I can't easily organise anything, and nothing's happened with the group for ages.
> So, suggestions welcome:
> * Is there anyone who's interested in starting these up again?
> * Is there an alternative (cheaper) platform we could migrate the list to?
> * Does anyone want to take it over entirely (and take over the costs)?
> To be clear, if these were being run again, I wouldn't mind paying to keep the group going - though if someone else wants to (help) pay that's also great of course.
> But otherwise I'll probably have to shut the thing down, which seems a waste.
> Dave.

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