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Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Fri Feb 21 06:47:54 UTC 2020

On 20 February 2020 22:14:15 CET, Maxime Buquet <pep at bouah.net> wrote:
>I am CC-ing members in hope that more people will join the discussion.
>On 2019/11/20, Maxime Buquet wrote:
>> Hi SCAM,
>> I have added an item I would like to be discussed during our next
>> meeting alongside others (2019-12-03): https://trello.com/c/2Q3RKyIT
>> It is not a small item and so I would like to invite you to take some
>> time to read it first and think about it so you don't discover it
>> the meeting.
>> Comments on list would of course be welcome!
>Things have been discussed within SCAM some time ago and we agreed[0]
>that sponsoring sprints is something we want to see happen.
>After discussing this a bit more with daniel, I propose following
>concrete actions. I wasn't exactly sure under what format to propose
>things, that can be reworked.
>1. Money given by the XSF as sponsorship for a sprint shall be used for
>food and(/or) beverages.
>The amount is still TBD but I would suggest something around ~15EUR per
>person for the whole event for a maximum of ~100-150EUR (or equivalent
>depending on the country / currency).
>This doesn't seem much, but my personal goal is to encourage
>decentralization. Small (3-6) events everywhere. I understand though
>that it might be easier for new people to take part with a slightly
>larger number of people (6-10).

I think that's a good starting point and idea in general.

>In the longer term, I'd like us to think about sponsoring travel and
>accomodation, but that requires a lot more thoughts to be put into
>Food and drinks is an easy first step.
>2. Your event meets the requirements to be sponsored if:
>- The topic(s) is XMPP-related.
>- It is public. Limited seats / RSVP are fine.
>- It is an event aimed at “contributors” of the protocol or XMPP
>  implementations (e.g., developers, translators, documentarians,
>  protocol designers).

Do we maybe want to add that the sprint event should not have an entry fee?

>3. To get your event sponsored once you meet the above requirements,
>should contact SCAM[1] and make sure your request gets on the agenda.
>You do not need to be an XSF member.
>Because you fill the requirements doesn't always mean we will be able
>support you.
>SCAM will deliberate on a regular basis (TBD), and depending on the
>number of requests, budget, etc., we might grant to one and not the
>other (or none at all). In any case, do not hesitate to ask again for a
>later event!
>4. Communicate about it!
>This means two things:
>- Ensure the community knows about your work. Make sure people can
>  upon what you have done.
>- Show people outside of our sphere that things are happening.

- Publish a blog post on xmpp.org?

>This is usually done by publishing what you have done (possibly
>work-in-progress), sending your questions and/or summary of what has
>been discussed to the list, writing an article about it, etc.
>We are happy to help at any point if necessary. Please do not hesitate
>to get in touch.
>That's it. Please comment!
>Happy Hacking!
>[0]: https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/scam/2019-December/000001.html
>[1]: Either via email, mailto:scam at xmpp.org, but as mentioned above it
>requires a subscription, so make sure you follow through with it. Or
>join the channel xmpp:scam at muc.xmpp.org?join.

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