[Members] Update on XMPP as mandatory standard for healthcare in the Netherlands

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Jun 22 10:06:10 UTC 2020

On Sun, 21 Jun 2020 at 17:15, Winfried Tilanus <winfried at tilanus.com> wrote:

> Hi members,
> A quick update: after some bumps and politics we are right now coming to
> the point where vendors of messaging solutions in Dutch Healthcare have
> to reveal if they are really willing subject themselves to a
> standardization or if they are blocking it (what would be a political
> painful defeat). The moment of truth, so to speak. It would need to be
> accorded in the technical committee and the grand committee and then it
> can be worked out as a formal standard.
> Based on the discussions and feedback I have drafted a proposal of what
> the standard would look like. Any feedback is welcome! See:
> https://tilanus.com/dav/index.php/s/w35zKwqFDLRioP6
Speaking personally, and not in any way for my employer.

It's not wholly clear on reading this if you're expecting vendors to
provide interoperability at C2S or S2S, and whether the end-to-end
principle is intended to be supported.

Interoperability at C2S level would mean that I could take a healthcare
chat app from one vendor and use it with another vendor's server component.

At the S2S level, we simply assume that sites can talk to each other, but
that internally within that site there may be no XMPP used at all.

The end-to-end principle means that some facilities can be provided
directly from one client to another.

I think the baseline has to be S2S. Without interoperability at that level,
it is a non-starter. Several vendors may find it difficult to interoperate
at any other level - even if they actually use XMPP throughout already.
Ideally, though, interoperability at the C2S level should be encouraged as
this allows for third-party clients, "unusual" platform support, and
others. The "gold standard" of end-to-end would allow third-party clients
to build new features across the federated network without any support
required by the server vendors.

I know what I'd want to see here from both a technical perspective and as
an open standards proponent. I also know what I'd settle for from a more
pragmatic standpoint.

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