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Thanks for sharing Dave.


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Today is a Sunday. It's normally a quiet day in the National Health Service in the UK - only emergency cases get dealt with.

Yesterday, however, the service I help run peaked at more messages than it'd normally see on a weekday - and it'll do the same today. If the growth curve holds, this week will see more messages than the system had last year.

By messages, I mean XMPP message stanzas.

The technology we've built - and continue to build - here in the XMPP Standards Foundation is actively being used to save lives. Not a few lives, either, but hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of lives, not just in the UK but increasingly in other countries too.

People are also turning to things like Whatsapp, Zoom, Hangouts, and of course Jitsi - all of which had or still have XMPP at their core. These are helping both create the physical isolation we need, and also breach the social isolation that would otherwise result.

So if things feel a little bleak right now, and you feel a need for action, then just remember - you have already helped make this crisis hurt less than it would have done without your efforts.

Thank you,

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