[Members] Board meeting minutes 2020-11-05

Severino Ferrer de la Peñita seve at delape.net
Thu Nov 5 15:27:15 UTC 2020

0. Welcome
Presents: Ralph, Guus, Matthew and Seve.

1. Minute taker
Ralph asks if Seve can take it this time.
Seve happily accepts :)

2. Commitments for week ahead
2.1 XEP-0001 clarifications
Ralph talked with Kevin about this.
Kevin hasn't been able to work on it yet, but he intends to do so.
Ralph suggests to put this topic in the "Awaiting Feedback" column
and regularly check with Kevin.
Seve agrees.

3. Review "Awaiting Feedback" and "Backburner" items
Ralph notes that as this Board's term is coming to its end,
it might be a good idea to remove some of them.
Matthew glanced over them but didn't see anything immediately actionable.
Meeting moves on as nothing seems to be required for this topic at this time.

4. AOB
Ralph comments Alex has sent out a last reminder for Board and Council candidatures.
Guus notes that he might not stand again for Board.

5. Date of Next
Next week, same time.

6. Close

<Happy Stanzas!/>

Kind regards,

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