[Members] IMPORTANT: memberbot voting bug

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 12:05:37 UTC 2020


a member brought to my attention that there is a bug in Memberbot under 
certain conditions for board and council election ballots.

Bug description:
When the "recast votes" function is used, and voters don't want to use 
all of their 5 "yes" votes again and submit the abstain command, 
Memberbot may still include "yes" votes from your previous voting 
session. It seems to delete only the previous vote at the position you 
abstain. Other previous votes remain in the results.

At the end of every voting session Memberbot provides a summary report 
with your votes. When the described scenario happens you will notice 
this in the summary report at the end of your voting session. The report 
Memberbot is providing to you is exactly what it stores on file.

This is an edge case which seems to happen only when you
A) recast your votes
B) Use less "yes" votes than in your previous voting session by 
abstaining from some of your votes

if you think this bug may affect your voting session then please contact 
me ASAP. I can delete votes for members on request so that they can 
start over again. I also can record your votes over other channels when 

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