[Members] German government evaluation (BKA)

E.M. emus at mailbox.org
Sat Apr 2 14:21:44 UTC 2022

Dear Board,

due to lack of time and in agreement with Ge0rG I will take over the 
role as the German XSF contact for the German government evaluation 
(BKA). That has been confirmed by the XSF Board, too.

Of course, Ge0rG will stay in the loop. Other volunteers especially for 
technical details are invited if they did not yet have another role in 
that regard.

As there is an open request for information, I would especially look for 
expertise on the MLS encryption topic. No matter if you do not speak 
German. It would likely only require to provide info on the status, its 
advantages and general information what it is. No technical details I think.

Reach out to me if you have any input. Support is highly appreciated!

(FYI: [DE] 


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