[Members] XMPP End of the Year talk

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Fri Nov 11 10:11:37 UTC 2022

Le jeudi 10 novembre 2022, 22:37:25 CET E.M. a écrit :
> Dear XMPP Community,
> we are inviting for a XMPP End of the Year Talk 2022!
> Listen in, Meet & Greet, talk & discuss - but mainly have a good time 
> with the XMPP Community folks!
> Feel free to announce your topics or software to present, discuss about 
> so we can announce when it comes closer! Just reply to this mail or 
> catch me in the chat (--> emus).
> When: 6th Dec 2022, 19:00 CET
> Join via Jitsi instance: https://teamjoin.de/XMPP_EndOfTheYearTalk2022
> Talk to you soon,
> Ed


great idea!

I can make a talk on ActivityPub gateway and/or work done on end-to-end 
encryption, notably with Pubsub, and why it's important. How long should be 
the talks? I don't want to make something too long. Also would it be possible 
to record them?



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