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Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Thu Aug 16 23:14:44 UTC 2001

Yes, it's content.  Again, want to write this stuff down at the highest
level and work down from there.

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On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 02:04:42PM -0600, Michael Bauer wrote:
> Here are a proposed set of standards for the publication of information
> about Jabber.  I think a lot of this is motherhood and apple pie, but
> thought this would be a great place to start.

In an earlier post, you wrote:

1.  What's the overall standards charter for the Foundation?
2.  What are the basic standards relating to software?
3.  What are the basic standards relating to content?

Is this one #3 ('content', i.e. 'documentation') ?

Sure it's obvious stuff, but certainly worth writing down. Cool
with me.

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