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Fri Aug 17 01:24:50 UTC 2001

jabber:x:events is probably a lot less harmless than jabber:x:oob ;)


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> On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 05:41:45PM -0600, Michael Bauer wrote:
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> > Here's a draft charter on Jabber Software Standards.  It's intended to
> > capture our collective thinking on what a "standard" and what
> > with a standard currently means in Jabber.  Forgive me if it doesn't
> > very clear.  Perhaps you can help me clarify it with your feedback.
> This makes a great start - nice one.
> I think the original idea as previously discussed in this list still is
> the one we should be aiming for - and indeed fits in with the idea of
> the diference between /conforming/ and /complying/ as expressed in the
> draft charter.
> The intention of the namespace usage document was to be a starter at the
> lowest level of granularity for conformity focus. It seems from the
> that we generally agree that a particular software 'candidate' will
> implement a set of these protocol 'granules' - namespaces, as we already
> know - against which we can test conformity.
> I think the SC JIG sits at a rather central place in a lot of the
> within Jabber and the Foundation, and that's going to make the job a
> harder - we are trying to define conformity to standards that are emerging
> as we go along. And I'm not just referring to the 'draft' set of protocols
> on the docs site. I've had first hand experience at trying to wring the
> essence of the protocol - which encompasses /rules/ as well as
/definitions/ -
> in putting together the draft reference for s2s.
> As Julian's already said, we also need more than just the protocol
> descriptions ("it looks like this") to go on. So there's a lot to do, but
> at least it seems we know which direction to go in.
> Why don't we pick a fairly harmless namespace, such as jabber:x:oob, and
> try and come up with what we think ought to be the underlying
> to base the standards compliance work upon? We can then use that as a
> model to progress.
> What do you all think?
> dj
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