[standards-jig] Re: [JDEV] Internationalization

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Sun Nov 4 19:18:11 UTC 2001

At 14:06 Uhr -0500 04.11.2001, Julian Missig wrote:
>Well, I suggested a *long* time ago that the initial stream:stream 
>should carry an xml:lang attribute, which the server can then 
>identify the language of a session with (and if we want to get more 
>complicated, we can allow xml:lang anywhere in the session - if they 
>do an iq request with an xml:lang different from the session 
>xml:lang, the response should be in the same xml:lang... but that 
>might be a bit much).

I don't even think it would be that complicated to do, if implemented 
right. Whenever a component needs to determine the language, it first 
checks the requests XML, then (if nothing found) falls back to the 
"default" language (and if no xml:lang is specified, fall back to a 
server admin default, usuall en_US, but can be changed by the server 
admin to e.g. de_DE)

>The only "issue" with xml:lang is that in the examples in the XML 
>recommendation they use "de-DE" instead of "de_DE".

Hm yeah. Although I think it wouldn't be hard to cope with both, would it?

>Other than that, this is precisely what xml:lang is meant for, and I 
>see no reason not to make that the attribute we use.

Sure sounds good.

>Reading you message again... if the xml:lang is done on the initial 
>stream:stream, then the server can tack on xml:lang to the 
><presence> and <message> in two cases:
>* if it's leaving this server, then the other server can determine 
>if xml:lang is necessary

Good idea!

>* if it's staying on the same server, it can determine if the other 
>user is in the same xml:lang or not
>This way, clients would see xml:lang only if it's *different* from 
>their specified xml:lang.

Sure. That would save a bit traffic I guess.

>There are several ways to do this, I just want to see xml:lang 
>specified with the initial stream connection (or maybe 
>authentication), and would like it if the client didn't have to tack 
>on xml:lang to everything, following the "let the server do the 
>work" philosophy.

Seems very good to me. So, we can say Gabber and JabberFoX will 
immediatly support this if something is decieded in this area. The 
main thing will be changes to the server, of course. And of course 
what other people think of this =)

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