[standards-jig] Re: [JDEV] Internationalization

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Sun Nov 4 23:04:01 UTC 2001

First though, I'm wondering what this is meant to solve. Do users need 
to know other user's locale, or is this just because the current jabber 
namespaces use english text so much for user instructions, updates, and 

Perhaps we should instead focus on using XML instead of english text to 
convey instructions and errors? That was, after all, one of the main 
points behind XML :-)

-David Waite

Julian Missig wrote:

> Max Horn wrote:
>> At 14:06 Uhr -0500 04.11.2001, Julian Missig wrote:
>>> * if it's staying on the same server, it can determine if the other 
>>> user is in the same xml:lang or not
>>> This way, clients would see xml:lang only if it's *different* from 
>>> their specified xml:lang.
>> Sure. That would save a bit traffic I guess.
> Well, the major thing with this is that a client will know something 
> is different if it receives an xml:lang - so the super clients of the 
> future which autotranslate stuff will know to turn on their translator 
> if an xml:lang is present, but will know it's not necessary if it's 
> missing. The question is whether it would be too complicated for 
> servers to keep track of this stuff.
>>> There are several ways to do this, I just want to see xml:lang 
>>> specified with the initial stream connection (or maybe 
>>> authentication), and would like it if the client didn't have to tack 
>>> on xml:lang to everything, following the "let the server do the 
>>> work" philosophy.
>> Seems very good to me. So, we can say Gabber and JabberFoX will 
>> immediatly support this if something is decieded in this area. The 
>> main thing will be changes to the server, of course. And of course 
>> what other people think of this =)
> Sure, I'd add xml:lang stuff right away if we can get a JEP through on 
> it.
> Julian

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