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Max Horn max at quendi.de
Mon Nov 5 00:03:00 UTC 2001

At 16:52 Uhr -0700 04.11.2001, David Waite wrote:


>For things like the groupchat protocol though, messages such as 
>"User foo has entered" are a closed set - they can be defined fully 
>in the protocol specification, and represented exclusively by XML.

Sure, that is true. I was not thinking of this special case when I 
wrote my mail.

>  This is what I did for my conferencing proposal;
>- if support for a particular feature is required for entering a 
>room, all responses, errors and events are defined in XML
>- if support for a particular feature is optional, yet it still 
>generates side-effects, the client will receive both an XML 
>description of the event and english text describing the event. This 
>means a user only sees english text if it does not support a feature 
>of the remote server. An example of this would be 'kicking' someone 
>from the room - you get a message saying they have been removed from 
>the room in XML format, and get it in plaintext format as well, so 
>that users who are using clients which do not understand removal 
>notifications still get a message which explains that the fellow 
>didn't quite leave on their own accord.

Sounds good.

>- locale information is not sent to users within the room, just 
>because I haven't figured out a use for it yet.

I don't see one, either, but then this doesn't mean there is none :) 
I say let's wait if somebody complains then it can still be added, as 
long as we define a safe & sane default for the absence of xml:lang.

So is there already anything implementing that new new conferencing protocol?

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