[standards-jig] Re: [JDEV] Internationalization

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Mon Nov 5 01:53:15 UTC 2001

>> - locale information is not sent to users within the room, just 
>> because I haven't figured out a use for it yet.
> I don't see one, either, but then this doesn't mean there is none :) I 
> say let's wait if somebody complains then it can still be added, as 
> long as we define a safe & sane default for the absence of xml:lang.
> So is there already anything implementing that new new conferencing 
> protocol?

I did an implementation for jabber.com, so its up there running 
@conference.jabber.com. The only big difference is that I changed the 
namespace from "jabber:iq:conference" to "jcf-draft3", at least until it 
is an accepted standard.

It also implements a bunch of extensions which I haven't had a chance to 
document. :-)

-David Waite

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