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That sounds GREAT to me!

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Hello all,

I just signed a contract with Manning Publications Co. (www.manning.com) to
write a book that we're tentatively titling "Instant Messaging in Java: The
Jabber Protocols". I would like to include the Jabber specifications in the
book as a reference section. My current plan is not to directly include the
existing specs. Instead, I'm considering reformatting the jabber
specifications: cleaning up and clarifying ambiguous parts as I go along.

The initial effort would be targeted at my book (the schedule is aggressive
so I have to focus on one thing at a time). However, my publisher has
agreed that I can donate the cleaned up spec back to the jabber community
(probably as a pdf). In addition, I would like to try and convert the
cleaned up specs back into our standard DocBook XML format to be used as
the Jabber specs (or at least a foundation for them).

I was wondering how everyone would feel about this. Opinions? Comments?


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