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Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 5 23:59:52 UTC 2001

At 02:10 PM 10/5/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>What do you mean by "Jabber specifications"?  The protocol itself?
>That's what the Foundation JIGs are created to do.

Yes.  The protocol docs.  This particular JIG (standards-jig) is supposed 
to work on cleaning things up and create compliance tests or other criteria 
we can use to judge things like the "powered by jabber" logo 
qualifications, and possible jabber "enviroments" where we define levels or 
types of compliance similar to Java 2 Micro Edition (j2me) use of 
configurations and profiles...

If you try and implement a jabber client and server with the current 
protocol docs (not looking at jabberd/jabelin) you cannot.  The current 
docs are not complete and are ambiguous in many places.  This is a natural 
result of a protocol being developed in parallel with the implementation, 
with the implementation being the ultimate authority on what is and what is 
not "Jabber".  Things have gotten stable enough (at least in the core 
protocols) that it should be worthwhile to sit down and get the specs right.

It will also be useful in the creation of jabelin... we need to separate 
the implementation from the specification.  That way, it will be possible 
to create a "clean room" jabber server or client from the specs.  This 
should be very good for the jabber community as new jabber servers and 
clients are written.  We will have a set of core standards and tests to 
keep things interoperable.

So the task and my offer is not to write now specs, or change existing 
ones.  I would like to actually just nail down what is Jabber today.  The 
other foundation JIG's will then make changes to the existing standards, or 
suggest new ones...


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