[standards-jig] Standards cleanup...

Scott Cote scote25 at mediaone.net
Sat Oct 6 02:15:57 UTC 2001

This is exactly what I had hoped the foundation in general and the
standards JIG specifically would do. I deeply belive that this is
key to the wider acceptance of Jabber. Please let me know if I
can be of help.


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> At 02:10 PM 10/5/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >What do you mean by "Jabber specifications"?  The protocol itself?
> >That's what the Foundation JIGs are created to do.
> Yes.  The protocol docs.  This particular JIG (standards-jig) is supposed
> to work on cleaning things up and create compliance tests or other
> we can use to judge things like the "powered by jabber" logo
> qualifications, and possible jabber "enviroments" where we define levels
> types of compliance similar to Java 2 Micro Edition (j2me) use of
> configurations and profiles...
> If you try and implement a jabber client and server with the current
> protocol docs (not looking at jabberd/jabelin) you cannot.  The current
> docs are not complete and are ambiguous in many places.  This is a natural
> result of a protocol being developed in parallel with the implementation,
> with the implementation being the ultimate authority on what is and what
> not "Jabber".  Things have gotten stable enough (at least in the core
> protocols) that it should be worthwhile to sit down and get the specs
> It will also be useful in the creation of jabelin... we need to separate
> the implementation from the specification.  That way, it will be possible
> to create a "clean room" jabber server or client from the specs.  This
> should be very good for the jabber community as new jabber servers and
> clients are written.  We will have a set of core standards and tests to
> keep things interoperable.
> So the task and my offer is not to write now specs, or change existing
> ones.  I would like to actually just nail down what is Jabber today.  The
> other foundation JIG's will then make changes to the existing standards,
> suggest new ones...
> -iain
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