[standards-jig] 0k & hash (was: Doc feedback - things that should be fixed)

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Oct 16 18:17:42 UTC 2001

>Just from a logical and "clean" perspective, it would really bother 
>me to make the spec follow the current implementation.  Using the 
>ascii representation introduces a lot of unnecessary complexity to 
>the standard (you must enforce lower case hex

This is not an in any programming language I know (Assembler, C, C++, 
ObjC, Java, Perl, Python, etc.).

>and do you pad left with zeros or not

This is not an issue either, it is clearly settled by the SHA-1 specification.

>, etc) and computational overhead doing the string conversions for each hash.

That is a point, agreed, but I doubt the lost few milliseconds (if it 
is that much) are worth bothering. Maybe on a high-load jabber 
server, but a) there are worse bottle necks in the server currently I 
belive, and b) auth is not something done as frequently as sending 

Just my two cents,

Max (who was there before all these Jigs, and probably should 
subscribe to some of them :)
Max Horn
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