[standards-jig] [seybold2001] Simplicity and resilience instandards (fwd)

Scott Cote scote25 at mediaone.net
Wed Sep 19 18:39:50 UTC 2001

Temas, you are correct. I chose a very poor example so please let
me retract that portion of my posting and also let me clarify
another. The expandability of the Jabber protocol is a wonderful
thing. I just worry that proper suring of the foundation may not
have been done before the expansion began and that the protocol
is expanding as a monolithic mass. 

I'd be very interested for instance in helping to write standards 
proposal documents. For example an interesting place to start could 
be a concise definition of the expected base XML routing behavior. 
This may seem like a trivial task but it's not. Nit picky issues like 
allowable character sets and min/max transmission units must be 
resolved along with more fundamental issues of the semantics of 
agents. For example do Jabber routers act like tunnels or are they 
endpoint repeaters like in email or perhaps a hybrid as in SOAP. 
If the answer is that it is up to the implementation that's fine, but 
classes of expected behavior still have to be defined to avoid the 
chaos that HTML was in a few years back. 

A side note: I really believe that if HTML had been better designed from 
the start that IE would have less of the 'market share' that is has. 
Many people migrated to IE more as a defacto standard than a good 
implementation. Sadly I don't believe that an open source community has
the economic power to establish a defacto standard and must rely on 
a much better dejure standard.

Thanks for you time!


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