[standards-jig] jabber:x:event question

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Tue Sep 25 02:08:49 UTC 2001

Excuse my ignorance, but would someone mind explaining the logic behind 
this to me?

Look, my major problem with jabber:x:event is that no matter when or 
where I receive an event, I need to have a way to match it up with a 
particular thread/window/conversation. This means I need information 
beyond just the jabberid of the sender. That's why I love the <thread> 

I can't really think right now, but I already know I'll run into 
problems if what is stated below is actually followed.

"At this stage the event is no longer valid, or at least doesn't make 
much sense. So the client may send a cancellation for the composing 
event just raised.

The cancellation is raised according to the same rules as how other 
events are raised, as described in the section called Responding to an 
event, with one exception:


       The jabber:x:event extension should contain a single <composing/> 
tag, but no <id/> tag.

The lack of an <id/> tag signifies that the composing event has been 
cancelled. After cancelling a composing event, a new one may be raised, 
following the same rules as before, when the typing of the reply is resumed.


This also implies that only one composing event can be exchanged between 
two particular users, regardless of how many chat threads they may have.

the tired,
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