[standards-jig] Standards... Let's roll!!!

Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 27 17:19:52 UTC 2001

Hello all,

After a few months of other distractions I'm finally able to get back to 
Jabber: ye have been warned!  :)

I've been reviewing the archives and come to the conclusion that we really 
haven't gotten started on things yet.  So this is a call to arms to get 
started.  I'm willing to put in a good deal of effort and considering that 
we're running mostly as a meritocracy I'll layout where I'd like to go 
(what I'm wanting to do) to see if there are protests.  If not, I'll just 
get started and see if I can get anyone else to join in the fun.

Battle plan

1) Reformat existing standards in the new DocBook XML standard.  I don't 
seem to have a link to the new standard we decided to use.  Anyone have a 
pointer?  I recall someone said they were throwing together a template... I 
could really use that as I'll just be hand coding the XML until I can find 
some useful tools.

2) Reorganize existing standards.  I frankly don't like the current 
organization of the information in the standards documents.  Also there is 
a scattering of information in "standards docs" and other docs like the 
JPG.  I'm going to start proposing and implementing some changes to the 
organization of information.  I'm looking for some speed in the process so 
if you care about these things, please pay attention to this list and 
vote!  The actual standards of course will not change but the organization 
might if I have my way.

3) Start getting the proposals and JEP's onto standards track by getting 
them documented.  Probably also a part of the re-org.

Protests, comments, etc. most welcome.  Let's get this thing back on track!


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