[standards-jig] Future Client Expectations

Stephen Lee srlee at myjabber.org
Thu Apr 4 20:04:40 UTC 2002

OK for those of you who don't know I write the myJabber client, we will
be releasing a new version of myJabber tomorrow and in this release we
have removed email support. why, well easily answered we didn't handle
it particularly well and why bother everyone already has a favourite
email reader.
D.J. brought up an interesting point about mini apps, although there is
problems with that as well. IM is not a mini app. myJabber started with
very very basic chat and GC , with a roster list. as of tomorrow it will
have Full rich text support, emoticons and a bunch of other IMish type
things that are requested by the so called ICQ and AIM virus err I mean
IM Power users. SO that brings up the next point ... should it do voice?
should it do video? Or should these become mini apps as dj suggests? 
OK so that about kills IM, now let's say my office has a way of looking
up phone numbers in a DB using a jabber bot. Should I plug this into a
client or should I create a new app that only receives phone numbers.
(Yes I know could be sent as a jabber message and it is actually).
Look at st peters bot he created for voting, was it a client ? a new
bot? I actually developed something similar about a year ago and it was
it's own program.
I have noticed a thread on here about xdata should it be full blown or
kept to limits for easy client development, I can tell you would sure be
nice to be able to to know the format of some of the fields delivered
from the jabber server for v-cards and search etc. Would I implement
100% , I doubt it. The same way I don't implement 100% of the browsing.
IMHO you can never be all things to all people so stick to what your
good at or what you know and let someone else build the mail, FTP or SSH
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