[standards-jig] Future Client Expectations

Jonathan Pobst jpobst at utk.edu
Thu Apr 4 21:17:07 UTC 2002

Maybe I haven't thought it through fully, but it almost seems like having
something rich like xdata would simplify the rest of client development.

Currently, clients have to write handlers for things like JUD, gateway
registration, joining group chat, vcards, and stuff.  I would think that if
we had something like xdata, we would just go to one of these functions on
the server, let it send us the form, we display it, and return the result.
This way, we have implemented all these features without actually doing any
work other than the initial xdata implementation.

For example, if/when black listing is added, currently all clients are going
to have to write it into their client to support it.  However, if clients
just supported xdata instead, the user would click on say, the blacklist
agent, it would send a form asking who to blacklist and whatever options one
wants for it, the user would fill it in and return it without the client
ever even knowing what blacklisting is.

Basically, it seems that after one big investment, it really furthers the
model of Jabber by offing the tasks to the server, and leaving the client

The only real downside I see is the increased required effort on the server
module writer, since it would probably have to support both the traditional
methods for traditional or extremely light clients who want to pick and
choose what they want, and providing the xdata (or whatever is equivalent)


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