[standards-jig] Publish-Subscribe JEP status

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Tue Apr 9 10:56:01 UTC 2002

Well, I know I'm going to start pushing pub/sub discussion once we get a 
browse specification passed. I've been waiting for that for a while.


Piers Harding wrote:
 > There hasn't been an awful lot of discussion going on about it, but
 > DJ and my self have done a reasonable amount of development work.
 > DJ has plugged it into Peerkat ( as a publisher ), and created a
 > perl based implementation of the pubsub component.  I have created a
 > JECL ( C++ ) based version of the component, and am in the process
 > of finishing off a Perl/JECL hybrid version of one -  these are all
 > demonstrable implementations of how the protocol can work  (
 > including a test suite ).   DJ has also been working on integrating
 > pubsub in Radio Userland ( some very interesting stuff -
 > http://radio.userland.com ), as well as various bits and pieces to
 > do with RSS.
 > It would be good if we could bring some focus onto the protocol
 > itself, as I know that there are plenty of ideas out there on how
 > pubsub should/could work, so how about it? :-)
 > Cheers.
 > On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 10:58:32AM +0530, Ashvil wrote:
 >> What's the latest status of Publish-Subscribe JEP. I am interested
 >> in supporting this in Vista. We support RSS via HTTP now and I
 >> want to move this from HTTP to the Jabber protocol.
 >> Regards, Ashvil

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