[standards-jig] Publish-Subscribe JEP status

Dave Smith dizzyd at jabber.org
Tue Apr 9 16:52:19 UTC 2002

On 4/9/02 4:26 AM, "Robert Norris" <rob at cataclysm.cx> wrote:

>> It would be good if we could bring some focus onto the protocol
>> itself, as I know that there are plenty of ideas out there on how
>> pubsub should/could work, so how about it? :-)
> Agreed. We need to get this standardised, so we can start playing with
> lots of stuff.
> Also, this is where I plug my own work, and point people at JEP-0021.
> There's a few differences between it and the pub/sub JEP, and both have
> pros and cons. I'd like to get the differences sorted out and one spec
> standardised soon, then we can really get stuck into it.
> IIRC, someone from the council (Dave Smith?) was preparing a position
> statement that compared the two specs. Does anyone know how this is
> coming?

Well, we actually have three possibilities for pub/sub stuff now --
JabberInc has also developed a pubsub protocol and we need to look at
getting it in sync with the other two. There is some rationale behind JINCs
decision to not re-use what's out there -- it primarily has to do with the
fact that the JINC pubsub component operates at the component level and
hasn't (yet) defined a JSM accessible interface.

Along these lines, I am working on a JEP which will (hopefully) take aspects
of all three and provide a unified view of the pubsub stuff.

Rob, DJ, Piers -- I would like to setup a time to conference with you guys
sometime this week so we can discuss the protocols out there and come to
some consensus. My primary point of discontent with the existing protocols
is the fact that topic management is pretty implicit and there is some
mashing of authorization and subscription management.


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