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I concur and would add that the two combined is the best solution, such that
clicking the presence Icon opens a Jabber Chat Applet if you are there and a
Message Applet if you are not...or combined into one.   This is a feature of
Yahoo Instant Messenger that opens a "Lite" Applet and others like
HotComm/im-live which is P2P have it as well.

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Two things I'd really like to see in Jabber.

1) A way of embedding a small icon in a web page that shows my Jabber
status; Online, away etc. This would presumably be a service from the
server. This is already available from ICQ and Y! and things like
http://status.webhop.net and Presenceworks provide it for MSN and AIM as
a third party. I've been trying to encourage both of them to support
Jabber as well.

2) A way of constructing a link in a web page that when clicked opens a
chat session with me. This opens a nasty can of standards worms about
compatibility with all the other IM systems. What if I use Jabber but
the link is for a partner that uses MSN/ICQ/Aim?

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