[standards-jig] Digital ID support in Vista

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Apr 10 05:00:27 UTC 2002

Ashvil wrote:
>> Why  didn't you use the existing method?
> If you mean the PGP security, that would not work for us. We wanted the
> Presence to be signed with a Digital Certificate that was signed by a
> Certifying Authority.
> As far as I know, the PGP security does not have Certifiying Authorities
> structure in place like Versign, etc.

Nope, it doesn't.

>>Why didn't you wait until we've  formalized on something new and accepted?
> There was a discussion on this topic on this list and the consensus seemed
> to be that we need to understand more on this topic. The only way to
> understand more is to get feedback from a project in the real world. We
> expect customers will tell us what's right and what's wrong. And we will
> provide this feedback to Jabber community.
> Once we have an official standard for Digital IDs in place, Vista will
> support it.

Yep, Good move, IMO. :-)

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