[standards-jig] Publish-Subscribe JEP status

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Wed Apr 10 08:01:23 UTC 2002

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 10:52:19AM -0600, Dave Smith wrote:

> getting it in sync with the other two. There is some rationale behind JINCs
> decision to not re-use what's out there -- it primarily has to do with the
> fact that the JINC pubsub component operates at the component level and
> hasn't (yet) defined a JSM accessible interface.

The JEP0024 specifically states in the introduction:

  "The aim of the specification is to provide for a facility where
  Jabber entities can subscribe to (consume) and publish (emit)
  information in an efficient and organised way. These entities could
  be JSM users or components."

Furthermore, the examples given deliberately show packets sourced from
JSM users and components (see Example 8, for instance).

So I'm not sure I understand what you mean with "...decision not to re-use
what's out there...the JINC pubsub component operates at the component
level...", as JEP0024 is designed to allow components to take part in 
pubsub as much as JSM users. This was the whole premise of the specification,
to keep it simple and straightforward and make presence info an optional

> Along these lines, I am working on a JEP which will (hopefully) take aspects
> of all three and provide a unified view of the pubsub stuff.

That would be great. 

> Rob, DJ, Piers -- I would like to setup a time to conference with you guys
> sometime this week so we can discuss the protocols out there and come to
> some consensus. My primary point of discontent with the existing protocols
> is the fact that topic management is pretty implicit and there is some
> mashing of authorization and subscription management.

If I were to pick a point of discontent, it would be the fact that I'm
just a little concerned that nothing has been really said until recently.
(Also, Piers and I discussed topic management, and came to the concensus
that pubsub should be pubsub, and topic management should be handled
separately/independently. I think that it's perhaps more of a iq:browse
'style' problem space.)

I think we should get together, I can be around for a get-together
basically anytime between 1600 and 2100 UTC this week. I suspect Piers 
has a similar window...

I also think that temas would have valuable input at the get-together,
as it's upon his work which our JEP is based.


P.S. as a little 'throw-away' comment, the work I'm doing in the Radio
Userland bridging area is following the JEP0024 specification, albeit
with a 'radio:iq:pubsub' namespace. Make of that what you will :-)

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