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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Apr 12 02:57:50 UTC 2002

Just for reference, the following active open-sourcers also work for
Jabber, Inc.:

Dave Smith ("dizzyd")
Peter Millard ("pgmillard")
David Waite ("mass"/"akuma")
me ("stpeter")

Plus a few other folks who are a little less well-known, such as Joe
Hildebrand (Jabber.NET, Marbles), Jim Ray (has worked on Jabberzilla), and
new hire Nick Perez (JabminRPC).

Jeremie is on the payroll but he works on open-source stuff exclusively
(temas is pretty much in the same boat).

This info is also at http://www.jabber.org/people/members.html

Now you know! ;)


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On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Stephen Lee wrote:

> I'm sorry for not knowing or not remembering, but just for us that
> don't... Do you work for Jinc?
> Just a question
> Steve
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> Greetings...
> There is a middle ground to be found here. As several people have noted,
> there were fundamental differences in the design goals between the JINC
> (yet-to-be-proposed) version and JEPs 21/24. That doesn't mean we can't
> compromise and get them working together. This sort of contention is a
> good thing to have in the community because it means that different
> approaches to the same problem are being explored. Sometimes, that
> exploration is better done without consultation of the community.
> Both JEP 21 and 24 were put forward without a huge amount of community
> effort or discussion. No one had their feelings hurt, no one seemed to
> have any problems with them. Why does even the mention of a JINC
> proposal seem to upset people so much?
> I hardly know what to say beyond that. I'm frustrated by the assumptions
> and alternative standards that people hold JINC (and correspondingly,
> the long-time Jabber developers who work there) to.  I suppose it
> happens when you have two entities which have such wildly different
> goals trying to work together. There's bound to be tension.
> I say all of this to get some of my own feelings out in the open. As
> always, I am open to discussion about this matter and hope that we can
> all just.."get along". :)
> Onward, ho.
> Diz
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