[standards-jig] One Suggestion

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Tue Apr 16 05:49:41 UTC 2002

Hi Peter,
    I think time limits would help. Atleast they help in the commercial
software world, where we call them deadlines ;-)

For Jabber to become widely successful, this group has to play a key role.
Let's do what we can to ensure this. I don't understand the exact dynamics
of this group, but I know having a strong project manager always helps.


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> Hi Ashvil,
> Thanks for the vote of confidence. However, I already do this in my role
> as JEP Editor. Perhaps I have not been cracking the whip hard enough. :)
> Right now we do not have time limits on the process, but I'm not sure if
> they will really help all that much. It's more a matter of whipping the
> Jabber Council into shape. ;)
> Peter

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