[standards-jig] Pub/Sub Explanation

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Tue Apr 16 18:34:41 UTC 2002

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Peter Millard and I were chatting over lunch, and he mentioned that the
> initial motivation for developing pub/sub systems in Jabber were things
> like this:
> 1. I publish my vCard
> 2. I publish my public key
> 3. I publish my avatar
> These are things that you might want to subscribe to (i.e., know when they
> change, which change is an event), and that we'd probably want to be
> persistent.

Hmm... what about joining groupchats/conferences? It seems that what 
conference does is just a very conversation-centric (and fast-paced) 
pubsub. But then, what about the whole <message> treatment? Groupchats 
are definately a <message>, since they are human conversation centric, 
but pubsub will be <iq> based, I assume.

This is when JNG's generic <route> would be useful.

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