[standards-jig] Future direction for the protocol

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Apr 17 06:27:55 UTC 2002

Ashvil wrote:
> The current protocol uses three main elements iq, presence and message. 
> Each of them have a certain semantic associated with them.
> But some of the new JEPs like the Pub-Sub for example do not use the 
> message or the presence element.
> Are these elements deprecated ?

I'd say "certainly not!", although <presence> may be eventually since 
pubsub will be done using iq. But even then <message> will still be in 
heavy use.

I loved the idea of a generic <route> element that carried any type of 
data regardless of content. Perhaps now is the time to find a way to 
start bringing this up? We obviously could not do a full implimentation 
of <route> as we had defined in JNG, but I'm sure we could start with a 
"hybrid" model that is more of the current system but takes steps 
towards the Ultimate Generic Communications Protocol.

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