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Dave dave at dave.tj
Thu Apr 18 00:53:59 UTC 2002

I think the critical thing to note here is that the simple "pure" pub/sub
system plus other systems available (or can be made available) in the
Jabber world can produce the same functionality as the "persistent
pub/sub" clump.  Moreover, if Jabber ever becomes a pure pub/sub IM
platform (which would be great, IMHO, as I've already noted quite
a few times), data storage and retrieval will be a rather natural
extension, providing the ability to store transcripts of conversations
by having a storage system subscribe to the conversations, the ability
to recall transcripts of conversations by querying the storage system
(and subscribing to the storage system's reply channel), etc. - not
just storing and retrieving news (which can be done using _exactly_
the same system!).

If necessary, I'll be more than glad to elaborate on any of the above.
I just don't think it's necessary, since I'm proposing something which
is fundamentally _extremely_ simple.

Dave Cohen <dave at dave.tj>

Dave Smith wrote:
> Greetings...
> Wow. There are some fundamental differences in our trains of thought.
> Frankly, what I'm hearing from DJ and piers is the requirement for a
> light-weight notification system -- and maybe that's a truer definition of
> "pub/sub". What I am proposing is a system which is a super-set of the
> functionality there...a sort of "persistent pub/sub". There's certainly no
> reason why a system such as I described can't implement the functionality
> described in JEP 24.
> With this in mind, perhaps we can agree that these are two separate systems
> and as such should be pursued independently of each other.
> Diz
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