[standards-jig] Radio Bridge

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Thu Apr 18 09:28:46 UTC 2002

On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 01:37:54PM +0530, Ashvil wrote:
> Do you have more documentation on this. Sample XML streams that show the
> communication between the two systems. Samples are easier to understand for
> me.

Yeah, sure. There's a link on that page that leads you to a radio-dev
mailing list message with some example packets in there. (There's some
more stuff in that (and other threads in that) mailing list too.)

Quick summary, tho:

notify-me request (a subscribe):

<iq type='set' to='radio-bridge'>
  <query xmlns='radio:iq:pubsub'>
     to='xml-rpc at rcs-server.com:80/RPC2/xmlStorageSystem.rssPleaseNotify'>

a notification (a publish push):

<iq type='set' from='radio-bridge' to='radio-desktop'>
  <query xmlns='radio:iq:pubsub'>
     from='xml-rpc at rcs-server.com:80/RPC2/xmlStorageSystem.rssPleaseNotify'
      [optional payload which we're not using right now]

> I think we are doing similar things, Vista currently supports RSS pull over
> http://i3connect.com/InfoDistributionStudy.html

/me adds to 'to-read' bookmark folder :-)

> This is what I want to do
> Vista <->Jabber Server <->Pub/Sub server<-->HTTP

Yes, this sort of hybrid bridge design is cropping up in various 
places, it seems, as we begin to bring Jabber into different areas.
Nice one.


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