[standards-jig] Genicons JEP

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Apr 24 06:23:48 UTC 2002

Hello, all.

As many of you know, there has been a heated discussion about emoticons 
on the JDev list. I began a JEP to present how I think it should be 
done, as part of my new Jabber Client Guidelines project 
[http://www.theoretic.com/index.cgi?Jabber_Client_Guidelines]. It began 
as a textstring-based method using a double-colon convention (::foo::) 
to avoid any conflicts with namespaces yet still have the text 
meaningful to non-emoticon clients.

I recently came to the conclusion that the beer mugs, moons, and hearts 
that have been discussed on the list have little to do with "emoticons". 
Emoticons are emotion-oriented ASCII art that are often interpreted as 
small graphics, whereas the icons being discussed were often of the new 
MSN variety, being non-emotive and instead having to do with generic 
items or objects. Because I do not want to use the term "emoticon" 
misleadingly, I have coined a new term for these non-emotive graphics: 
genicons, for generic icons, instead of emotive icons. They are siblings 
to emoticons.

The name change doesn't solve the issue, though, so they still need to 
be standardized. I have begun a JEP to standardize genicons for english 
Jabber clients 
It is still very much in flux, since I am migrating my work on emoticons 
over to genicons, but I would like everyone to know I am working on it, 
and to display what little I have so far. If you wish to help, simply 
edit any of the pages. I'll go through and re-arrange and tidy up as 
needed, so go ahead and just jot your thoughts down. BTW, the website is 
a Wiki, so anyone is free to come in and improve things. Follow the 
instructions near the top of the page to work the Wiki.

Thanks, all.

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