[standards-jig] Genicons

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Apr 24 20:14:58 UTC 2002

I will be doing two JEPs this week:

* Textstring-based emoticons. Will use simple ASCII art. It will define 
a core set of 5 or so (the traditional smileys and frownies), as well as 
about 20 or so extra ones. This allows client developers to support 
varying degrees of emoticons while still conforming to the standards.

* textstring-based genicons. Will use a double-colon-with-keyword 
convention (::foo::). Since the keywords will be language dependent, the 
first genicon JEP will be for English clients (both American & British). 
Future genicon JEPs can define keywords for other languages.

Here are my basic works so far, attached to the email.

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