[standards-jig] Pub/Sub for JNG?

Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 30 17:49:54 UTC 2002

--- Dave <dave at dave.tj> wrote:
> Here's something I've been fooling around with for a while.  I know
> it's not ready for a real spec yet, but I think the flexibility of my
> proposal is readily apparent, and I hope you folks can help turn this into
> something that can be used as the foundation for JNG.  Anyway, here 

Hi Dave,

I've been thinking along these lines too for a JNG.  Essentially  
turning jabber transport/server into a generic message queue engine.
The Jabber protocols become standard ways of using the queues
to implement IM, primarily as standard naming conventions and 
use-cases of message queues.

There are a lot of very interesting things you can do once you have
a basic framework like that in place.  Especially if security is baked
into the design from the beginning rather than tacked on afterwards.
I would think our security system would basically be authentication
principals, queue access permissions (pub/sub/store), and bind 
time checks when entities exercise their permissions to access 

Another thing I've been toying with is the thought of how framing can
improve efficiency for client and server and make the protocol simpler
and more extensible.  I have some really half-baked ideas on how
framing combined with queues can be used.  I'm trying to
think through the issues and benefits.  For example, if you can frame
any data, and everything is either pub/sub/store to a queue, do we
have to make everything in the system XML?

XML definitely has its place but I'm wondering about the majority
of traffic: short plain text messages.  An effort to optimize certain
protocols for certain cases may be worthwhile and possible...

Anyhow, I'm with you Dave.  :)


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