[standards-jig] JANA

Russell Davis rkdavis at burninghorse.com
Fri Aug 2 22:29:57 UTC 2002

Although it apparently started as a joke bandied about by hildjj (Joe 
Hildebrand) in jdev and other places I do think a body such as a "Jabber 
Assigned Name/Number Authority" would serve a useful purpose. This is 
especially true if jep-0030 and jep-0039 (my ulteria motive for writing 
this email)are eventually adopted as a part of the jabber protocol. For 
the Jabber community to have an official centralized naming and 
numbering authority as well as final arbiter of all naming and numbering 
dispututes either in parallel to or as part of the JSF will help in the 
process of changing Jabber from a niche OSS project into a fully fledged 
well regarded internet protocol and business tool no matter what the 
final resolution to the IETF approaches turns out to be. It will also 
give the community a bit more control over all "non-core protocol" 
Jabber extensions which may or may not be a good thing but who knows.

Eventually I see it as being either a seperate entity (my preference) or 
as part of JSF but until the required mechanisms are put in place and/or 
it is voted on I would be willing that for a set time period (say six 
months) it to start under the control of one person (maybe the jep 
editor or a volenteer) or even Jabber Inc. (flames to flames at 

Obviously there needs to be more discussion amoungst the various 
interested parties about its form and function but I think we should 
start thinking and doing something about it as soon as possible and 
propose that it be added to the agenda of the next JSF meeting.

bst rgrds
Russell Davis
jid: ukscone at jabber.org
email: scone at burninghorse.com

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