[standards-jig] JANA pt. 3

Russell Davis rkdavis at burninghorse.com
Mon Aug 5 19:24:32 UTC 2002

Adam Theo wrote:

> One question: how would JEPs approved by the Council work with JANA? 
> would JANA be obligated to accept jid types and namespaces that are in 
> JEPs approved by the council, or should JEPs not even suggest or 
> include jid types or namespaces, leaving that up to the JANA?

I think that JANA would be obligated to accept namespace names etc. 
passed to it from JSF but with the proviso that it may change the 
requested name if there is a conflict with an existing name (this should 
never happen but it might). In the case of names being requested outside 
of an approved JEP then JANA would be able to do anything it wants upto 
and including refusual to assign a name.

all existing accepted names would be grandfathered so that we start from 
a stable existing base of names and existing things will not break.

Russell Davis
jid: ukscone at jabber.org

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